Scientific Solutions

Even though the solutions that scientists have come up with that would take more work and more money they could be just as effective. There were two proposed solutions that were submitted to the Chinese government. The first of the two was and idea to clone pandas and it was submitted by Chen Dayuan in 1998 but then all work on it was stopped in 2000 because he didn’t meet the deadline that was given to him by the government. He re proposed his idea to the government in 2005 and has been working on it since. People have been questioning the idea by saying humans haven’t yet fully understood panda reproduction and secondly that the cloning machine hasn’t been tested before and it might be too risky to use it on pandas.

The second idea was to freeze the sperm of male pandas and inject it into the female pandas no further research has been done on this topic and it looks like the Chinese government are willing to take the risk of using the cloning machine for the first time.


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